Bewmen is a company serving customers a wide range of consumer and industrial markets, including Chemical, Instrumentation, Pneumatic and Textile. Bewmen overriding goal is to help its customers succeed. This is achieved with a unique combination of dedicated and knowledgeable people, unique and useful products and the latest technical knowledge. The company defines its own success through the success of its customers.

In addition to distributing a wide range of inputs from basic manufacturers and other companies that supply the specialty industry, Bewmen has an impressive line of its own products. Innovative and useful products, along with professional service and advice, help Bewmen maintain its reputation for excellence in the industry.

Few words from Founder

"Our strategy builds on the delivery of high-quality products that meet the markets’ changing needs and results in exceptional global customer satisfaction. Attainment of these goals and ultimately our Vision 2021 requires a persistent focus on the fundamentals – which encompass all aspects of our business, including sustainability. As we move toward becoming a truly world-class company, we are continually implementing new processes and procedures to improve service, operational excellence, environmental impacts and consistent use of best practices globally. We realized at our founding that the development of environmentally responsible products was an important component for success. As we move forward, we remain dedicated to shaping our company to achieve a better and more sustainable future.

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We aim to provide our customers with products which at all times meet their requirements. Our prime objectives are to continually improve and to provide the very best level of product quality.

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To deliver customer solutions developed by dedicated associates with a passion and reputation for making a difference. By taking our customers' needs and goals to heart.

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Building business value by creating the best performance in Chemical, Instrumentation, Pneumatic and Textile products for our customers and society through Open Innovation.