Concrete Chemicals

Bewmen offer the best Construction chemicals such as admixture, cement grout, Tile adhesive, water proofing chemicals etc. Bewmen Construction chemicals are used by the Construction and civil repair industry commercially as well for homes uses to reach desirable qualities along with a view to promote sustainability.

Bewmen Construction chemical can be added to any concrete mass that enhances the properties of concrete in the fresh or hardened state. Bewmen concrete chemicals are best in qualities.

Cementitious Grouts

BEWMEN Grout is high quality & used regularly in various construction projects. It’s used for fill cracks or voids & create cemented mass. These cementitious grout were made from best grade, Bewmen grouts are ideally suited for all types of static and dynamic load.

Epoxy Grouts

Epoxy grout has become more popular among tile contractor and builders, Bewmen epoxy grout is extremely durable and completely stain proof. Bewmen provide certain range of epoxy grouts

Epoxy Flooring Coating

Bewmen help customer everywhere to get the quality epoxy coat like garage flooring to protect their space and make it look great for years.


Bewmen help customer everywhere to get the quality color epoxy coat like garage flooring to protect their space and make it look great for years.

Reapairs & Rehabilitation

Bewmen offer high-performance repair mortars for application to structural repair. Our repair mortar is made from best grade raw materials. With higher strength and best quality, Bewmen becomes popular in contractors.

Self Leveling

High strength cementitious grout Bewmen self-level grout a ready-mix, high-quality grout that expands self on the surface.

Tile Adhesive

Bewmen provide tile adhesive which meets the requirement of ANSI118.6(Specification for tile Grout) cement-based joint adhesive are used in domestic as well commercial floors, walls etc., It suitable and durable for large period.

Waterproofing Product

Bewmen is the best solution for waterproofing of water leakage on any surfaces including roof, basement, exterior walls etc., Bewman offering various waterproofing chemicals that meet quality, durability and relatively economic.


Bewmen provide a certain range of admixture used to improve the quality of concrete during mixing transporting, placement and curing they can be used with Portland cement or blended cement either individually or in combination.